Small Talk

When traveling conversations always arise. Now I do find it a bit awkward to be the conversation starter. There’s this person, I’ve never seen them before until this moment and destiny have it, we’re placed to sit together for a 10 hour trip. What do I do? Now I don’t know if you feel it but the awkwardness is starting to rise. My restlessness begins to grow and suddenly my clothes feels so suffocating when minutes ago they fit just right. My dry throat gets dry and my gulps start to sound super loud. What is happening?! I turned my head to see if they noticed my awkwardness and to the heavens behold they’re staring right at me! Now my only immediate action is a smile which seems very much forced and if there’s still some saliva there I can muster a hi.
Okay, I did it.. That was okay right? If I had to be my own critic, which I am 99% of the time; my answer to that question would be: If you were given the task to save your house from a fire, in one container there was water and in the next, alcohol. Well honey, you just poured alcohol all over your house and that shit just went into flames. And that’s just me being honest.
Let me get out of my head and back to reality. Now I’ve been so entangled in my answer, I failed to realize that he had said something back. Faintly I can hear him mustering the words yet again, “I don’t know if you heard me but, Hi, it’s nice to meet you, my name is…. ”

And the conversation begins.


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