Nothing can be taken from you, as long as you provide for yourself.

Do we still exist?…

I’ve learnt in this year how precious life is. How unloved so much of us are. I’m learning how to love myself. My flaws are what makes me special, one of a kind. Everyday I wake up knowing I am part of something great. Everyday I wake up, wanting to uncover more and more of that great puzzle.
But they are days when world gets to me. Days when I feel that my love isn’t big enough to swallow all the evil. Days when I feel inadequate. But as I cry, I realize that the world needs more people who are free, alive and full of life. Those who simply love because they are love.
Those kind of people expect nothing but give everything. I would like to be amongst those individuals.



Daily Post’s Prompt “Wronged Objects.”

Today’s question asks:

If your furniture, appliances, and other inanimate objects at home had feelings and emotions, to which item would you owe the biggest apology?

Well here I go!

Dear Carpet,

I have spilled, splattered, and dripped all over you. Yes, shamefully the dog has peed on you; even went as far as the number two. Yet, you have stuck me with all the way through. I remember when I first saw you shinning among-st all the other carpets. Your pattern, your softness, I just knew you were the one. Now as the years has went by you might have lost your glow. A little wear and tear, here and there, but I always take care of you. An if I am to walk in a room of carpets, don’t worry yourself, I will always choose you.


I’m sorry for spilling juice on you this morning 🙂